Saturday, April 14, 2007

day 4...

the fellow 'new guy' has now admitted during his interview he was on coke, to none other than his supervisor. all i could say was wow, how are you still here? apparently that is not enough to get you fired.

everytime he dissapears we all think hes off shooting up, doing a line, or smoking a jay. no one trusts this goof, and now hes even wierder then before. we confronted the goon about his magical tally, and all he said was 'Dont worry about it'. hes going to be the next axe murderer and hes tally'n his victims one by one.

i think at this point we have all told our boss to fire this loon. but he wants to hang on to him a little longer. just a little longer, long enough to shank some one in the face with car keys.
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