Thursday, April 19, 2007

for years i have debated over which hockey team is my favourite. i changed several times. throughtout my child hood it was every year. i went with whatever team had the best logo. ie mighty ducks, then the avalanche. now that i can actually watch all the games, and know exactly whats going on with every player, and coach and GM i can make an official decision.

my dads been a maple leafs fan for ever, apparently he has never rooted for any other team. i watched him sit with the tv and watch as the leafs lose year after year and i could never commit to a team who has been destroyed year after year by bad coaching/managing, and getting knocked out due to excessive injuries. for the first time im happy to see they didnt make the play offs.

now they have the chance to pull a pittsburg and suck forever and till you get a team that so stacked with young talent all you have to do is sit and watch as the team grows into an amazing hockey club. pittsburg has a couple years i think till this happens but it will be worth the wait. meanwhile ill be waiting for toronto to take charge again.

now since toronto is out, ill be rooting for the next diehard pick. vancouver canucks. although i have strayed away from watching hardly any of there games all season, i found myself checking there score secretly. ill be playing there games every night on the radio at work. cheering screaming and rooting for them to finally win something.

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