Thursday, April 12, 2007

my third day of the 'new job'.

i started with another new guy 3 days ago. and today me and the other guys noticed he was a little wierd. he would always freakishly stare at someone or something for the longest times. never once blinking or moving to scratch something.

he always asked weird and blunt questions. for exmaple he asked everyone of us where we lived, and tried to get it down to the exact street and location. he asked onen guy several questions and statements about his wife.....

the guy is super creepy. but the one thing that set everything apart. was the tally.

about mid day one of us noticed he was making a tally. and we had no clue as to what it could be of. we were thinking it was the number of times he had done certain things, but he would always tally at differnt times while he was doing different things.

eventually rumours started of it being the tally of doom. we tried messing around with the tally. adding some numbers and scratches to see if it would throw him off. but when he got back the tally was started anew with the exact number as before.

we hid the paper for his tally, he founf more.

we screwed his tally up again, he fixed it to perfect again.

we tried watching him tally but he always did it in secret.

we eventually got scared of the list, and at the shift change didnt want to know what it was, or touch it at all. we figured somehow it could be related to our nearing deaths. all we did was ignore it.

hopefully tomorrow, the tally will have been forgotten.

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