Saturday, April 7, 2007

this girl is beautiful.

i secretly heart her, and yet hold off on telling her anything because i love secretly hearting her. i know this means i can never go anywhere with it. and im pretty much an official creeper, but she likes me too, and she creeps me out more so.

anytime we go out with a group of friends she will be watching me the whole time. and slowly be nudging towards sitting beside me the whole night. its almost a game for us. were caught in a chess match of wits and eyelocks. just like me i think shell never admit it.

will be going to a movie over easter break. will laugh, tease, and talk about stupid things our friends have done, while niether one of us does anything to move the relationship forward. but im happy with that, and ill do it over and over again, just cause im never going to lose the battle.

maybe im stubborn,

or maybe its because shes never seen the movie fifth element.

silly criminals, robbery is for proffesionals.

im absolutely stoked for ufc tonight!

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