Sunday, April 8, 2007

easter. a time for family and ham.

this year i was forced to go to my aunts who i havent seen since last summer, the usual group of relatives was there. uncles, grandparents, cousins galore. but since i dont keep in touch, i really dont know them very well. so usually end up chillin with the one cousin who closest to my age, and isnt married, having a kid, or going through some other messed up 'life' situation.

its the usual talks of wine tastings and bland gossip. i swear they have the same conversation every year and at every family gathering. i was questioned about a wedding i didnt even know was going on, and then they all shunned me for not knowing what the latest and greatest was. half them didnt even know i was back from living in vancouver yet. lol.

so im pretty tight with my family.

but the good thing was i got an incredible meal, stuffed my face completly....three heaping plate fulls. i still hurt from the digesting and i ate 4 hours ago. totally worth the hell of time its going ot be to poo it all out tomorrow

i just got the call for free snowboarding tomorrow....


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