Thursday, April 5, 2007

i can now officially drink and drive. i got my class 5 drinking and driving liscence. ladies everywhere just jumped for joy...

the only reason i finally went and got it was so that i could apply for the rcmp apptitude test. i attended an info session were i was actually required to hold one then, but i lied.

i wonder if that will come up later on the polygraph test. haha.

becoming a 5-0 has its ups and downs. if i make it in ill never have to worry about medical again. the pays good. ill get to work in a variety of places, meet a variety of people. have a sweet car, and a smith an' wesson.

downs of course i could get shot. i might have to work in burns lake. (wheres burns lake? exactly!) and theres the off chance i might have to arrest someone i know.
arresting my sister would be pretty funny. i could totally do that. shes part evil, and part stupid.
they trace your family history back pretty far though. and stick you in the least likely place you that could ever happen, while still trying to keep you somewhere sane.

i just hope im close to an ocean.

tony pierce had some wise words from a man on craigslist last sunday.

matt goods my hero.

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