Thursday, April 26, 2007

crazy coworker was fired.

jumps for joy were shared throughout budget.

he left his lunch and my buddy garett tempted fate and ate some stuff. i wasnt going to touch anything, i figured it was all laced with drugs. and his crazy germs. very contagious.

so instead of eating any of the food, we decided to tape the pie to the wall and shoot a ball at it with hockey sticks....this was work for an hour. after a good smear, some cell phone pics, we had to high tail the cover up because or manager walked around the corner. then we shot the kiwis everywhere and seriously considered throwing some yogurt at a car before deciding it was a baaad idea.

my biggest find ever occured. i found 13 beer in the back of one of the rental vans turned in. its molsen canadian, so not the greatest but beer is beer, and no one can argue with free.

the best beer ive ever tried was called something like Murphys Irish stout. and ive only seen it at a tiny bar on the ski hill. i believe its called snowshoe sams. so i have to wait till winter comes again to try it once more

The Age of Pamparus - Turbonegro get this song now!

will ferrell makes me laugh loooooots.

snl skit everyone should see

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