Tuesday, May 1, 2007

my quest for the day was to find and buy guitar hero 2. i playe dit for the first time the other day, actually it was my first time playing games in a while. (im in the process of playing an oldie; FF2) i was playing with about five friends and the game was super straightforward, but tonnes of fun. played about 5 songs and was hooked. so the next day happened to be a day off, and my money status was acceptable, so i told my self i was going to but it.

no dice.

traveled far and wide, to the mall, to the other mall, to the electronics place beside the mall, the one in between the mall, and well you get the picture. no where, all sold out of GH2+guitar. so lame. even Toys R us didnt have it, and no one buys there games. wtf.

so now i have to wait. instead rented JT's new movie...Alpha dog. it was interesting, kinda sweet, really stupid near the end, but i found it to be exciting, not to mention lots of hotties, and a few shots of little miss lesbo from the OC's rack. cant complain. 4 stars says this rolling stone.

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