Thursday, May 3, 2007

nucks lost. nucks lost. gay goal. so lame. cheap elbow. referees dumb.

i normally dont complain about referees because i had a brief year of actually refereeing myself. they were just minor hockey games, but they were still intense and parents are pretty harsh. but tonight, that should have been a penalty. either way vancouver still would have lost i guess. they really did not impress me tonight.

on a better note, my hacky sack skills are getting extremly better. i can hit it from anywhere, and im working on my chuck norris specialty, the round house kick. once i get that down im goign to seriously consider going pro. everyday at work if it slow enough we start busting out, and playing kill. i wont lie, im amazing. i figure now that violence is going to be making a come back due to the UFC, we cant step it up with a hacky sack professional kill league. if poker can get on tsn, then we can too!

i found a dragonforce video on youtube, LOL!

if no one seen this, they should watch it right now. obadiah parker guitarist rocks out with this cover of Hey yea - by Outkast. SO EFFIN SICK!

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