Wednesday, May 2, 2007

i visited some old movies today. im really into car movies and car chase scenes right now. it could be due to the fact that i just saw grindhouse, and death proof gave me a boner for chargers, or it could be all the speeding of done lately.

the best part about my speeding is its all done in my newly aquired FREE car. its a '93 festiva. bout the size of an oldschool mini, maybe a bit bigger. its gutless 5 speed that rusts with no e-brake, and a busted u-joint. but it runs. and it runs suprisngly well. it goes 0 to 60 in forever. i bust out with no radio and windows down.

back to the movies, i watched a young mel gibson (pre-crazy) in the first Mad Max. it rocked lots of post apocalyptic car chases from the soon to be Road Warrior (the sequel). all filmed in australia on close to no budget, but it had a V8! (insiders only)

before that gem was the first car chase movie ever, or so i have been told. BULLITT! two t's is correct too. mr. frank bullitt was the main character played by steve mcqueen. its your average cop drama/action but from like 1970. so bad acting everywhere. and by bad i mean memorable according to critics! now i can see what critics were saying about memorable acting when i watched Two-Lane Blacktop.....rolfcopter. that was last week, not a lot of dialogue, 4 actors, 2 cars, and a race across the us, apparently. watch for the ending it comes outta nowhere.

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