Sunday, May 13, 2007

i found this photo on a rigourous journey through face book today.

its a photo of my 2004 enviromental science trip to Costa rica.

it reminded me of the sweet time i had there with all my highschool buddies, and the original dive crew. My first time scuba diving was done on the pacific side. I saw so much sea life, and so many things i had never seen pictures of before. it was the most incredible 6 dives i have ever done. schools of barracuda, schools of sting rays, and one giant mother of a manta ray.

i never recieved any pictures of that trip, and this was the first one i had seen. my teacher was supposed to give me all the pictures compiled form everyones cameras. but he never did. he just kept my hard earned 5$. im pretty choked about that.

and now im going to rekindle the fued i have with him, and strike him down like cobra until i get my coast rica pictures.

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