Tuesday, May 15, 2007

todays my day off.
today i am sick.

i have an unbelievable immune system, and hardly ever get sick. i have a personal record of 4 years. usually my yearly average for getting sick is about once or twice for the whole year. thats a slice of amazing. but of course whenever i DO get sick it always seems to happen on my day off or a day when i have something great planned.

today the temp was supposed to get up to 28. it was bright blue sky, and no clouds even daring to come out. my plans were to hit the beach hard and finally get my skimming skills back up to snuff. but a sinus headache, a snot-on-tap nose and a feeling of nausea tied with a huge lack of care to move has made me decide against this. instead im video gaming till it hurts.

i played a half a season and made it into the playoffs in NHL 07. I also managed to trade for crosby to become apart of my perfect leafs. but that got boring after 30 games. so i decide to revist Dragon Quest 8 which i had beaten almost all the way, except for the final dungeon. i stopped playing originally cause FF12 had been released and i my attention was sucked towards that. so i started playing and re-learning everything about the game while trying to beat the end.
sadly it didnt go very far before i one of my characters decided to die randomly due to a serious of hits invloving sleep and confusion. DQ8 just happens to be one of those games that makes you go somewhere in some far off place to get your characters revived. so in a fit of rage i got mad, suffered a rage blackout, and when i arose i found i deleted my save file. and not just DQ8. i deleted every rpg saved game that i had that was not finished. my countless hours of time dedicated to the best items, scores, and complete annihilation of every boss, beast and villian...gone.

so i made a vow to return to these games, starting from scratch and BEATING THEM ALLLLL!

but first i bought to new games to beat....

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