Wednesday, May 23, 2007

tonight was all you can bowl for 11$.

i learned im not very good. at least not very good sober. my highest score of 4 games, was 107. wich was the 3rd highest score out of 9 peoples. so if i look at it like that, its not to bad. last time i went bowling i swear i was getting at least 150 every round....i need to practice.

the main thing i believe was throwing me off was wii bowling. i was trying to swing like i had a wiimote in my hand. so my first 4 frames were solid gutters. eventually i used a little leg and got some sweet strickes to pull my score up, but i could never save it from complete suck.

suprisingly there were an exceptional amount of hotties there. bowlings where its at for all the straight ballers out there. represent.

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