Sunday, May 13, 2007

i saw a preview for the bourne ultimatum today and got super stoked on that movie series again. im going to have to revist it this week. i have plans to read the books too, if i can get back into reading this month. i go through phases where il read mad like 5 books in 2 weeks, and then i wont read anything for a month or so. its wierd.

i watched the evil dead last night. suprise-ingly for 1982 it was pretty good. it had a lot of sweet claymation depicting the gorey decay of demon controlled teens. while the clown laugh and face of one of the females crazy ladies was intensly creeping, the movie was never scary. the main character ash was clueless to everything, which ended up making this movie extremly comical at times. after being an extreme nerd and reading all about the background on wikipedia, i found out that it was actually banned for a while in germany because of the gore. OH did i mention that a chick gets raped by trees. random. yes. still i would put it on everyones list to watch at least once.

all my diving friends are making cash having fun, and now im wishin i was doing that as well. trying to get a reasonable career with 100% health care/dental and super good pension just doesnt seem worth it compared to diving with sharks, and making a video magazine. im going to stick to my heavy movie viewing.

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