Sunday, May 13, 2007

brand new rocked the house.

sold out show, all across canada.

the headliner anathallo was by far some of the wierdest music ive ever witnessed. it was good, just wierd. after 2 songs i opted to leave and slam some beer in the garden and poke fun at some scene kids.

i made a bet with a friend that the first song they played was going to be from deja entendu, he though the devil... i was right,, and now im the proud owner of a shiny new quater. the song was the "boy who blocked his own shot" i believe. super good.

they hit up some oldies before hitting up the entire new album. jumping to "jesus christ" rocked. i swear i saved the lives of a couple of cuties who were up to close to the stage during "archers". the croud was swaing hard, and jumping even harder and they were in between me and a couple of huge idiots. i inflated my huge biceps and essentially created a force field with them around these too. my guns are spectacular. and a pair of mild thank yous was all i needed. im just an average hero.

the 2 hour set of amazing ended with 'bangkok'. an instrumental, the whole band went crazy on stage and delivered quite a performance. Jesse decided to help the drummer out and they both wailed away while vins hands moved past the speed of light.

they denied the encore opting for a huge finish instead. i was down with it.

i caught the pick jesse used to play crack the sky.

i want them to come back. i hope i dont have to wait another 4 years.

this is for all those guitar wannabeees

this is for all the guitar hero's

and this is for the people who are like "whaaaaaaaaaaat?'

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