Wednesday, May 9, 2007

today is all about Brand new. the best band ever, my favourite band. awesomesauce.
tomorrow night brand new starts there first canadian tour in vancouver. i have tickets. im going to be skipping work to drive 4 hours to vancouver in my friends parents blue minivan to see these guys. i would even drive to calgary right after that to see them again if i wasnt poor.

ill be listening to there 3 albums back to back on repeat the whole way down, singing word for word every song. there coming with guest Anathallo or something along those lines. i wish it was just them on a 4 hour set playing every song off there albums. and then playing there acoustic versions and then some encore's. and more encore's.

the first song i ever heard was back in '04. my buddy made me listen to this new mp3 he found of limewire. it was a song called Sic transit Gloria...Glory fades off there sophmore album Deja Entendu. I was blown away, and im pretty sure i had it on repeat for the next hour solid and on every cd a burned for a straight year. i told everyone about it and everyone like it. as soon as i could i had downloaded every song they had out, and then i even went out and bought both of there cds. (first album was Your Favourite Weapon) then i sat and waited till to hear there next album, which didnt come out until late 2006.

After 2 years of listen to there older stuff i had never got sick of it, and it always put me in a good mood to listen to. There new album was even better(The Devil and God are Raging Inside me) then i thought it could be, it was way different at first, but after a couple listens i realized it was sorta the same, and that made it even better.

the wierd thing about this band is every one of there songs are good, every one is different, every album is different, and they only got better and better....but nobody has really heard of them. especially in canada. there shows are completly sold out in the US, yet only the toronto show is sold out in canada.

songs to DL off whatever music ripping software you own:

Seventy times seven - Your Favourite Weapon
Soco Ameretto Lime - Your Favourite Weapon
Play crack the sky - Deja Entendu
Sic Transit Gloria...Glroy Fades - Deja Entendu
Jesus Christ - The Devil and God are Raging Inside me
Handcuffs - The Devil and God are Raging Inside me

Brand new links so you can be a fan too!

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sixty-six said...

everyone has a brand new post.

i like yours.

i also like the word awesomesauce.