Monday, May 21, 2007

after a long weekend of doing nothing but working you go kinda crazy. at work today, we thought bubbled what it would be like to have "Budget: the reality series" as a tv program. there was lots of graphs, lists and lunch orders but basically it boils down to a week full of our daily shinanigans and other drama bits tied in to make it addicting. since we have so much sill y random stupid shit happening at work all the time, we figured it would be perfect for the ADD driven teens of the future.

its like 'Jackass' meets 'That 70's show' wrapped in a cardboard cut out of a reality show. we already have the token new girl/hawt chick thats now working the front desk. As well several staff members that are easily to hate, and easy to love. While some, ME, are hott and will easily fall into the position of front man, possibly carrying on to movie deals later after about 2 seasons.

We decided that we would try for 13 episodes for the first season, and work into a comfortable 22 for season 2. Hopefully showing on much music/MTV or along side the office on NBC. we havent decided how long our episodes would be. We would have easily enough shit to cover a full hour slot, but i think half an hour would be the right amount to leave you wanting more.

for an example, today we started tagging ants with white out so that we could record which ones were coming back to the wash bay. We also found some chewing tabacco and peer ressured everyone who hasnt done it in to doing it so that they could get buzzed at work. one of the guys out it directly on his toungue and began yelling 'ewww, get it out, GET IT OUT!' like we were supposed to help him......sooooooooooooooooo funny. meanwhile an incident with a little dog left me wanting to kick some lady in the face, and a lot of halairious complaining endured in front of her. finally, somone put a huge dent in a Nissan Sentra trying to slide over the hood. then we proceeded to try and fix it with a toilet plunger...Now, who wouldnt watch that!? and not love it?

Of course we would have to secure contracts with Budget to say we could not get fired at all while filming the show. I believe some business would be distirred from renting from us, but i believe more would rent from us, just to say the rented from the budget guys!

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