Monday, May 7, 2007

i recieved my package from the rcmp last friday. they said congratulations, you have passed the test. and there was about a million forms with it. i now have to get a vision test, a doctors note, and do a physical assesment exam. for paper work, theres form after form on my personal info, employment history, family, and papers for all the tests.

then there is a 300 question open awenser booklet for the polygraph test. i have to awnser everyone to the best of my knowledge with as much inofrmation as possible. questions ranging from have you lied in certain scenarios, to have you done drugs, to do you like little boys?

...that ones ment to throw you off, it basically means do you like children?

all this has to be sent back to my recruiter by June 5th. funny thing is the only PARE test this month (physical assesment) is on the 29th, and my recruiter is in vancouver i believe. Mails not fast enough.....snail mail. After a few quick emails of crazy questioning and thought, i was sent a reply that says i am not to worry. Results for the PARE are ssent directly to the recruiter, and i can just leave a note with the rest of my application saying "there on the way!"

Im pretty amped about it, and a little choked since i took the RPAT (initial test) with a buddy and he has yet to recieve test marks or a package. i told them theyll come soon...

i also have sore boobs from a mad work out this morning.

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