Thursday, April 12, 2007

today i was assaulted by a hose. not in the literal sense, mostly just from the water coming out of it.

it was my second day of the 'new job' and i was finishing up some work, and i walked out the back of the wharehouse to see a man standing with a hose washing chocolate off the sidewalk.

now the reason there was some chocolate there was because one of my fellow co workers had a huge chocolate bunny from easter and ate half, while the other half was touched by some wierd guy so he didnt want to eat it. so he decided to see if it would melt, and how long it took.

it had been melting for a good hour, and was slowly becoming one with the sidewalk. a few holes broke through here and there and it look like it had been shot.

now buddy with hose steps in, he was washing it off when i stepped outside the back. AND BAM!

he starts swearing like crazy calling me an idiot for leaving the chocolate there. i said "Hey, buddy i didnt do anything talk to someone else."

that of course doesnt suffice and he pipes in with "your fucking new, youve been here 2 days. Try staying around a while!" this made nooooo sense, cause thats what i was trying to tell him basically.

then out of no where he starts spraying me with the hose, and so i called him an asshole, and he ran off into his side of the wharehouse to hide. people were asking me after, like why didnt you do anything? why didnt you hit him, or grab the hose and spray him!?

i was in complete shock that that was actually happening, i still cant believe it happened. and somehow the hose spraying lunatic thinks im going to get into to trouble for this.

a feud has started.

i always win feuds.

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