Wednesday, April 25, 2007

for the last month and a bit ive finally hit the gym and started to make this super hero look super. im getting stronger by the day, and have been on a very effective workout plan from the peeps at mens health. my abs are bursting. i have oblieks finally, and my nerdy arms are becoming distinguised. its crazy what can happen when you finally put your mind to something youve told yourself your going to do to since highschool.

i can do chinups with added wieght, as well as dips.

im working towards benching my body wieght.

and i do a million situps every other day, sometimes everyday.

spiderman 2 was on the tube tonight, and im pretty sure he never works out. i also dont remember him ever having super strength like super man before. he was lifting huge cement walls, and stopping trains with sheer brute force.....oh prease.

SM3 better deliver some realnessess, venom better rip off someones head....and the hob goblin shold throw doo doo.

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Anonymous said...

Dude...nice blog...
However, I'd like ta clue you in & confirm that Spider-man does indeed have super strength...sure, he ain't as strong as the Big Blue boy scout, but he's strong enough to stop a train. Yes sir.
He has the proportunate strength, speed & agility of a Spider, y'see...Hence "Spider-man"..

Peace 'n Love.
the DM.