Wednesday, April 4, 2007

today i woke up, at the usual time. and i decided straight up i didnt want to go anymore. no more work for least not today. txt msg'd my buddy to tell him to say i didnt show up for car pool.

thats how these things go down nowadays. txt msg'n.

break up txt,

no show txt,

funeral txt,

dump txt...

dump txt is this completely retarted thing my friends do. anytime there on the john with a cell they throw out a mad dump txt to anyone who might be waiting. usually its followed with a description. i heart the way technology is used.

i cant wait till complete relations ships take place over txt msg chat like they do on the internet. hell, they probably already exist. i could get into that. you know throw a couple 'how you doin' txts out there to some ladies. maybe talk about her day. chat about interests then once you know it. you get a 'hump me' txt. and your totally turned on by the font she used. then she sends some graphic emoticons she download to describe her face while shes reading your creative little cellular descriptions. and then its allll ended by a tiny txt. the worst txt ever. the battary life ending text. 'i've txt'd somone else'. *single tear*

i could see it.

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